A little bit about the supposed “economic drain” of immigrants – the drain that’s saving employers big bucks when they hand out skimpy wages:

“They practically rob us. If a specialist usually gets paid 9 euros an hour, they pay us 6.” This is the testimony of a foreigner working in the Communidad de Madrid [the greater Madrid area]. Even though 31% of contracts in the region in 2007 went to immigrants, and one of every seven people signed up to Social Security is foreign, their salaries are 30% less than that of natives, especially those without papers, reported Comisiones Obreras [a trade union].

Wow. There’s a shock. Might give fuel to those who complain that immigrants drive down wages, but you can’t say immigrants aren’t here to work hard and sacrifice for it.

In other stats – almost twice as many immigrants (46.54%) have short term contracts as compared to Spaniards (25%), so their employment is a lot more precarious.

Here’s a whopper: Foreigners account for 2,000 of the 9,000 million in contributions to Social Security, 23 times more that the government invests in regional immigration politics.

And another: one in three labor related accidents happens to a foreigner.