Thanks again to kv for sending me another link, this time to an article in a series being done by a reporter at the Daily Bruin (UCLA’s paper). The stories examine the situations of students who are undocumented, the difficulties they face.

Here’s a bit about Stephanie Solis, who’s parents didn’t tell her until she was 18 that she wasn’t actually a legal resident of the U.S., even though she came over form teh Philipines so long ago she barely remembers it. So going to college suddenly got complicated:

By 2005, Solis started at UCLA, but because of her immigration status, paying for school was a major burden. Undocumented students are ineligible for financial aid, scholarships and many other types of financial assistance to help pay the fees. Instead, many undocumented students are forced to pick up odd jobs to pay for their education. Solis, like many undocumented students, has taken an unusually long time to get her degree.

The other articles in the series look interesting as well, though I haven’t read them all yet. Seems to be a part of college life seldom examined.