I thought it fitting to post these today. This afternoon, while walking through Plaza Mayor to run errands I was greeted by the sight of hordes of merry English football fans filling the Plaza with their, erm, exuberant chants, and their bellies with pints of lager (from the Irish bar around the corner). So here’s two items dedicated to the British in Spain:

First up, the English are finally trying to get organized to vote in this country where now, especially on the coasts in their sunny retirement colonies, they are becoming quite a presence.

Traditionally, British residents have been reluctant to get involved in local politics, either because they have been insulated from the communities around them or because of fears that the taxman could catch up with them. But, according to John MacKay, who organises for the Labour Party on the Costa Blanca, that is now changing. “Expatriates are becoming increasingly disenchanted with – as they see it – the lack of dynamism and interest in the expatriate situation on the part of the Spanish local political parties,” he said.

Ummm, that might sound nice and positive, but that last bit – “lack of dynamism and interest in the expatriate situation” – may just be able to be interpreted as “they’re trying to ruin our vacations by you know, living their lives.” And “insulated” is an understatement – their notorious for never learning the language and importing England in every way possible.

So is it any surprise that there might be a backlash against this new colonialism? Spaniards in these coastal areas are now complaining that the Brits are sucking up their social services! But of course!

Spain has protested about the multi-million-pound cost of providing healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Britons who have moved there. Spanish authorities face soaring bills for drugs, nursing and home carers for the expatriates. Acute hospital care costs Spain an extra £40m a year.

Oh, please, pretty please, let just a couple of those tanned pensioners belong to the BNP – is the world kind enough to afford me the pleasure of such a perfect irony?