From the “Scary Surveillance File”, how about a scanner that keeps your body on file? Check it:

A new patent, issued on Friday, covers a system that would scan some, or all, of your skeleton and compare it with a database of skeletons. The database would also pull up data such as your name, address, social security number, and passport number. Worst of all, you might not even know your skeleton is being scanned from a distance.

Nice. If you thought iris scans and palm prints were getting invasive this must be a comforting thought. My favorite line is that authorities using such a system could “check your skeleton against the bone structures of known terrorists.” Ha! How many terrorists’ bone structures are they really going to have on file? and how unique is a bone structure? compared to say iris scans or fingerprints?

But of course we must remember, no one’s actually talking about using this technology, merely that they’ve recently patented it. Let’s hope it then goes on to get lost in some file somewhere. We can hope can’t we?