Well, as you can probably tell by that post title, I’m sooo psyched up by my political options in this year’s election.

Ok, I don’t mean to be a whiner – the thought of Bush finally leaving is, all on it’s own, a reason for hope. But once that (long overdue) relief sinks in, one must look to the future, which means looking to the candidates.

I haven’t blogged about this much, mainly cuz I thought I would get too worked up about it to be coherent, but I liked John Edwards (not in a “he’s my hero he will fix everything” kind of way but in an “ahhhh…that’s refreshing” kind of way). He brought up poverty! and the middle class! and debt! and predatory lending! and immediate troop withdrawl! Yay!

Sadly though. He was the kinda vanilla looking white guy with the first real female and non-white candidates running alongside him. He didn’t get much attention.

For anyone who thinks I’m crazy for supporting Edwards (and some of you have expressed concerns about my sanity, thank you Elizabeth), I would point them to this blog I often follow, OneGoodMove.org. A loyal Edwards supporter to the end, this blogger posted a lot of interesting information about the candidate and insightful analysis about how he had quite an effect of Hillary and Barack in forcing them to address some of the populist issues he raised, like his single-handedly bringing poverty to the discussion.

I will probably take a detour from my usual “immigration/guiri life” focus in these months, because, well, I think I need an outlet, I think it will be healthy. So if I blog about the elections I ‘ll at least try not to rant, I’ll try to make it interesting. Though I can’t make any promises, this may just end up being a trash bin for my dashed hopes.