Ha! I coulda told ya that! But it’s not me telling you, it’s this article. Allow me to translate:

Data collected by the Basque Immigration Observatory, Ikuspegi, reveal that 32.4% of [immigrant women in Spain] work without a contract; twice as many as men (15.9%).

Ok, so I’m not surprised, but why not? Mainly because immigrant women tend to work disproportionately in industries where it’s easy to get by without a contract: in domestic work – as cleaning ladies, caring for the elderly, or as nannies or a combination thereof.

Interestingly this acutally gives them greater flexibility in finding a job and often do better at it than men, but in the end they work under far more precarious conditions. The president of the Center for Information on Foreign Workers, Felisa Piedra, says, “their working conditions are abysmal and on occasion border on slavery.” Yikes!