Six Ukrainian asylum seekers, a mother and five children-some without shoes, got lost in the Swiss alps while trying to cross illegally from Itay into Switzerland.

The mother and her children, aged nine to 21, got stranded near Monte Lema – a 1,600m (5,250ft) mountain in the canton of Ticino, Mr Bordoli said.  They were saved because the mother was carrying a children’s walkie-talkie – a device capable of sending radio signals, he said…Three member of the family were taken to hospital with frostbite. Mr. Bordoli said that Ukrainians had already asked for political asylum and that their case would be heard by the public prosecutor’s office. Before moving to Italy, the Ukrainians had reportedly lived for many years in Hungary, where they had unsuccessfully sought asylum.

Are you kidding me? That’s my first reaction. What mother takes her five kids (granted that the oldest, at 21, is an adult), obviously unprepared into the Alps in January? Was life that bad in Italy? Was she escaping something so urgent she couldn’t wait until the snow melted a bit? Or did she just not think this one through? Generally I’m quite sympathetic towards those who risk themselves in these often dangerous illegal crossings, but taking 5 kids into the Alps in January? That needs quite an explanation.