Here’s a few quick links to throw out there:

– Artist/activist (or Artivist if you wanna be hip about it) Ricardo Dominguez has created a GPS enabled mobile device (a modified $40 Motorola) to help border crossers going fom Mexico to the U.S.  The point is to reduce the number of deaths caused by these border crossings (on the rise in recent years) by helping people navigate towards water and safety beacons.

– Daniel Barenboim, Israeli conductor and composer, has been granted a Palestinian passport! The director of much-acclaimed West-Eastern Divan Orchestra which brings together young Israeli and Palestinian musicians, is believed to the only person to hold that particular combination of travel documents. Just kinda nifty.
Doctors in the UK are rebelling against proposed legislation which would require them to refuse treatment to failed asylum seekers who remain the country after their applicatiosn have been denied. “275 GPs have said they will defy any new law by carrying on freely treating refugees, many of whom are torture victims, children and pregnant women.” Reminds me of the outcry among, to name a couple, teachers (my mom being one of them) and nurses in California during the debate over Proposition 187.

– French immigration legislation announced last November is running into trouble in high courts. It’s being called “discriminatory” for requiring (among other things) DNA tests to prove, mainly, paternity in cases of family reunion immigration, and for requiring that families demonstrate financial resources in excess of the SMIC (minimum wage). (sorry, French links only)

– Maybe somewhere in South America, people whose ancestors were decimated by imported European diseases are chuckling, juuust a little bit over this: Christopher Columbus’ blamed for importing Syphillus to Europe! Oh, if only we could control the pesky illegal immigration of microbes.