Scary info-gathering news! Yay! The U.S. is talking with the U.K., it’s ally in the “war on terror” and fellow member of the International Information Consortium, about the “Server in the Sky” project-creepy enough name for you? The database they want to create would be for biometric data, like iris scans, and palm prints. What could possibly go wrong?

The plan will make groups anxious to safeguard personal privacy question how much access to UK databases is granted to foreign law enforcement agencies. There will also be concern over security, particularly after embarrassing data losses within the UK, and accuracy: in one case, an arrest for a terror offence by US investigators used what turned out to be misidentified fingerprint matches.

Yeah, seriously, I would not be too confident about trusting my personal info to the British government these days. They’ve kinda been fucking that one up.