This is from a while back, but I thought it important.

Here in Spain you can tell that trafficking women for prostitution is a problem just by walking down the infamous Calle Montera in the heart of downtown Madrid. Most of the women trying to attract potential johns there are evidently not Spanish. Many are eastern European or African, often Nigerian.

So it came as no surprise to read about the problem as it stands in the UK. There’s a lot of debate about who should be held responsible (prostitutes, johns, pimps or traffickers) and there are a lot of frightening stories of women’s ordeals. Here’s a link to just one story on the BBC News site, with links in the sidebar to many more, just to give you an idea of the situation.

I was glad then to see news of this, a legal victory for a group of trafficked women! It was a groundbreaking legal finding.

The first payouts of more than £140,000 were made last week to four women who suffered a ‘sustained period of sexual abuse’. Another 10,000 are estimated to be eligible under a new interpretation of Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority guidelines.