From El País:

Only 15 days after the approval of a controversial decree allowing the deportation of EU citizens considered “dangerous”, the Italian Interior Minister has ordered the repatriation of 177 Romanians, most of which have been taken from Italy by plane, while others find themselves in temporary detention centers awaiting their transport, reported the Corriere della Serra yesterday.

This decree was without precedent in Italian laws, and was only rushed through approval amid the hysteria following the murder of an Italian woman near a Roma encampment. The extreme right took the opportunity to demand 250,000 expulsions (that’s a lot of highly “dangerous” people) so I guess 177 is nothing if you look at their “big picture.” However the left has been extremely opposed and this has sparked a real diplomatic incident between Italy and Romania. I can understand not wanting to let immigrant criminals into your country, but though this masquerades as cleansing the country of criminal-types, the fact that only Romanians have been targeted should put paid to that lie.

Bottom line: the retaliation for one murder has brought the force of the entire Italian government to bear with unprecedented swiftness on one immigrant group.

Oh but look! The Pope‘s gonna weigh in, this should be interesting…

“I wish that the relations between migrant and local populations should be in the spirit of high moral civility and the fruit of the spiritual and cultural values of every people and country.”

Or not. Pretty bland response.