Things are getting ugly after a woman was found dead near a Roma camp in Italy, and the government kicked into high gear to start deporting people.

Three Romanians were in hospitals in Rome yesterday – one of them seriously injured – after being attacked by a masked, club-wielding gang on Friday night in the latest escalation of racial tension in Italy following the beating to death of a naval captain’s wife.

The violence, condemned by local politicians, came as authorities in Milan carried out the first expulsions of Romanians under new legislation that came into effect on Friday allowing for the removal of EU citizens judged to be a threat to public security. Italian television showed four men being hustled aboard an airliner by police after nightfall.

Hmmm, so the government starts indiscriminately taking out their prejudices on immigrants without proving any sort of guilt (there are no trials to determine who’s a “threat”) and now violent bands of thugs are following suit. Monkey see, monkey do, no?