So here are just some interesting and random things I came across while scouring the internet for statistics as part of my internship at CNN (which is what I’m doing with some of my time these days, for those who might have been curious- the sun’s gone away and I can no longer lounge at the pool.)

  • Here’s a belated update about that desperate out-of-work Romanian who set himself on fire. Turns out, shortly after the incident, which got quite a bit of press, a good Samaritan, a businessman who immigrated from Argentina, tried to seek out the family and offer the man a job. Sadly he couldn’t get in contact with them, and the man was still recovering, with burns on 70% of his body. He expressed his anger with the mafias that cheat immigrants (the Romanian has been the victim of fraud) and he said the offer would still stand.
  • Been reading recently about a trend a lot of people don’t consider when thinking about immigration policy over the long term, and that’s return immigration. People often think, if you open the floodgates, you’ve opened them for good. But as was reported in Spain today, it appears that two of the largest groups may be starting to head home. Significant number of Ecuadorians and Colombians appear to be leaving Spain, and those (particularly Ecuadorians) are two of the largest groups in Spain (and incidentally, Colombians may be the least legalized – with perhaps only 18% of them here holding papers as of 2006). It looks like the trends are changing in favor of new EU immigrants, like Bulgarians and Romanians.
  • And I forgot this one a while ago, got lost in my impeccably organized file of “things I’d like to post on.” E.U. is considering a “Blue Card” scheme modelled on the U.S. green card. As reflects most nation’s individual policies lately, they plan to focus on skilled workers, as the overall trend these days is to move away from immigration based on family connections.