In this article from the International Herald Tribune from September 11, it notes how Europe is tending to look towards integration of Muslim populations as being a more central problem in the war on terror than, say, U.S. foreign policy that pisses said populations off.

Across Europe, a deep uneasiness about the spread of Islamic radicalism had taken hold, said Christoph Bertram, the former director of the Institute of International Security Affairs in Germany.

“There is a sense in our societies that the radicalism was not created by the United States but caused by the lack of integration,” Bertram said. “One of the points we all recognize is that it has been extremely difficult to integrate the third generation.”

Well, I guess it’s good that they’re not taking the narrow view that “it’s all on the U.S. and we don’t have to examine our own policies” but I do get concerned that these worries will be used to exacerbate nationalist, right-wing sentiments against immigrant populations, sentiments which just seem to continually be on the rise here in Europe.

Speaking of which, apparently right-wing-nationalism-on-the-rise isn’t just for France or the Netherlands anymore…Greece joins the party! Granted they’re all really pissed off at the current government for letting the country burn to a crisp recently, but this article does mention that this little group gaining political ground has been criticized as supporting “virulent nationalism, anti-semitism, racism and xenophobia.”