Well, if anyone ever tells you that August is the month when Spain shuts down and nothing gets done here, believe them. I was taking some Spanish courses to prep to pass the DELE Superior Exam (like the TOEFL but for Spanish) and apparently between that and looking for a flat, I expended far more energy than August in Spain allows one to spend, and was left with none for blogging. Which is to say, I’ve been lazing around in the sun (and the occasional summer storm), but here I am again!

And what’s been going on in the world of immigration? Some interesting notes from the past week or so.

    • Woman who was taking refuge from immigration authorities for a year in a church, finally deported.
    • British visa rule changes could seriously hurt elderly as so many senior-carers are immigrants, especially from the Philipines, and may not be able to renew visas under new regulations.
    • Another industry that would be seriously hurt by immigration crack downs – agriculture in the US.
    • Hmong refugees go on hunger strike to protest conditions in the Thai jail where they’ve been held since January.

    Man, doesn’t seem to be the best time for immigrants or those who depend on them. Next time, I’ll try to look for some good news as well, just to try to mix it up.