So, the final of the Mundialito was this past weekend (that was a flub in the original report – I got the date wrong, oh well) and it looks like Paraguay hammered Uruguay in the final 8-2!

They were, if I recall correctly, the defending champions and therefore one of the favorites in this tournament.

Translated from El Pais:

The stands at the old dog track on the Vía Carpetana were overflowing, with “some 5,000 spectators” according to organizers. The Paraguayans, one of the groups that has emigrated most to Madrid in recent years, filled almost two thirds of the seats with their red and white jerseys. The Uruguayans,  in sky-blue, were far fewer, although they kept up support for their players. As with the inauguration days, different events livened up the game. This time, 500 doves were released and there were performances by two groups of folk musicians.

I was bummed not to get to go to the final, but I was a bit under the weather, still recovering, I believe, from last weekend’s madness at the Summercase music festival, after which everyone I know seemed to come down with a cold. 😦