Losing Janina

I saw this video on a post on crooksandliars.com. It’s quite touching, so I’ll pass it on, but what really caught my attention was the commentary that accompanied the video here. Particularly where the author reminds us – “these are people very much like us.”

Wow. That really caught me up short; that a fairly progressive blog would still use “us” and “them” terminology. Nicole Belle stopped short of saying “these people”, that phrase that so rankles in any context, but it still really bothered me. So these folks are “very much like us.” But not quite like us? What is it that’s so different? A border? An accidental place of birth?

I wonder, does that wording strike anyone else as odd? I suppose if it doesn’t then perhaps you have to have been one of “them” to realize we are all “us”.

You do not suddenly become a different person, or different category or type of person, when you cross a border – legally or illegally. You are the same human being you were before, despite what the government or the media might say about it.