Interestingly, someone left a comment just today on another Guiri post and he wrote about the connection in his native Netherlands between fear of immigration and fear of Islam. I’ve read a bit about immigration in the Netherlands (and for one very subjective look at it, check out the autobiography of Ayaan Hirst Ali, Infidel) and I can’t say I’ve seen the same sort of intense worry about Islam here in Spain.

And then I came across this story on the home page of El Pais screaming that immigrant children in Spain are a “bomb waiting to explode” – hmmm.

The description in the headline comes from the most important Imam in Spain, Monair Mahmoud Ali El Messery of Madrid, speaking during a course called “Immigration: Living Together and Models of Integration” and he was referring specifically to muslim immigrant minors, not accompanied by parents. El Messery said, among other things that these youngsters are “fertile ground for the planting of any kind of extremism.” El Messery thinks this is due to the “low economic and cultural level” of Spain’s Muslim population which leaves them “like blind people with one bad eye between them, they don’t have any reference.” He complained that many people allowed to preach are “ignorant” and called for more “qualified imams.”

Now I won’t say that this is a sign that Spain’s going to go Islamophobic, big time, but it’s interesting that El Messery is worried specifically about immigrant children, and not those just raised, by their families in Muslim communities here. Seems to ignore the fact that, for example, the London bombers of 2005 were British born – the second generation can be as volatile as the first. Seems more comprehensive to pay attention to the cultural aspects that could unite extremists regardless of country of origin, rather than to highlight these youths immigrant status. It just gives the anti-immigrant crowds something to grab onto.