Just some interesting tidbits I ran across today in the world of immigration madness while sitting in front of the computer nursing my slightly-too-deep tan (I refuse to call it a burn) from my weekend in Valencia.

  • First, this little note about the E.U.’s declaration that it will be focusing a lot of energy on the issues in African immigration caught my eye. I hope, by the end of the month to accompany a friend to work on a story about the detention centers in the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla which lie on the African mainland and where immigrants, mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa but as far away as India, are held when they try to get into Spain as a gateway to Europe. Spain’s history with this problem is fascinating and it’s good to see it’s going to be a priority for the rest of the E.U. Spain has had to battle this pretty much on their own recently. Will be posting on this topic regularly.
  • Next, more on Africa immigrants, but this time as concerns Malta – because really, how often do you ever read anything about Malta? (In the ancient world it’s name meant “land of honey” – learn something useless new everyday.)
  • And finally, a fascinating article (and slideshow, please see the slideshow) in the New York Times by Jason DeParle, on Cape Verde, and how its a country characterized by global migration.

Migrant money buoys the economy. Migrant votes sway politics. Migrant departures split parents from children, and the most famous song by the most famous Cape Verdean venerates the national emotion, “Sodade,” or longing. Lofty talk of opportunity abroad mixes at cafe tables here with accounts of false documents and sham marriages.

That’s all for the moment…btw, for anyone actually paying any attention out there, any suggestions for good things to read on global migration, the history of immigration, particularly in contemporary Europe? I’ve got a couple things on order, but always appreciate word-of-mouth suggestions. Thanks.