Alright-y, so here it is, my blog.

There are many like it (70? 80 million?) but this one is mine.

As I mentioned upon leaving MobuzzTV, I want to dedicate my blog to “all things foreign.” That doesn’t refer to all things found outside any particular country or set of borders, but the state of being a foreigner, or, here in Spain a guiri. Now, that could be really serious stuff, like immigration policy, which is of course a burning issue in my own United States and here in the European Union. But it could also be something more informal, like interviews with expats on different aspects of leaving their countries, interviews with people who work with refugees, or musings on those little things you get hung up on in an adopted homeland (like the terror of that first haircut in an unfamiliar language).

My first “real” post will be up soon, sorry if this one was a disappointment, I never was great with first impressions, why start now?